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Snow & Winter

Curiosity kills. Or, in the case of antique shop owner and amateur sleuth Sebastian Snow, curiosity leads to dead bodies. With the reluctant help of his boyfriend, NYPD homicide detective Calvin Winter, and armed with his magnifying glass and understanding of Victorian America, Sebastian sets out to solve the murders he keeps stumbling upon.


Sebastian's antiquing knowledge becomes a critical key to every investigation he gets tangled up in with Calvin. And with the two at one another's side through thick and thin, the partnership between Snow and Winter evolves into something that'll last long after the cases are closed.

5 books, complete series.


Snow & Winter Collection

The murder and mystery that follows antique shop owner Sebastian Snow and his homicide detective husband Calvin Winter has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean the stories stop, too. Join everyone’s favorite, cantankerous amateur sleuth as he navigates New York City, running a business, unlikely friendships, and marriage, in these slice-of-life short stories set throughout the Snow & Winter series.

ongoing, incomplete series.


An Auden & O'Callaghan Mystery

Murder and mystery follow Sam Auden and Rufus O’Callaghan wherever they go, but when ex-Army meets confidential informant, they’ve got no choice but to team up or get lost in New York City’s underbelly of crime, corruption, and depravity.

In a world where unconventional sleuthing is key, Sam and Rufus put their myriad of skills to the test. And if they live long enough to see those cases closed, they might just learn to like each other too.

4 books, incomplete series.


Magic & Steam

New York City, 1880s—the epicenter of steam technology, magic, and murder. Special Agent Gillian Hamilton and infamous outlaw Gunner the Deadly exist on opposite sides of the law, but a series of misadventures involving the country’s worst criminals brings the two into an unlikely partnership.

And in an alternate universe fraught with peril, escalating danger, baggage lingering from the Great Rebellion, and personal turmoil cutting all the way to the bone, Gillian and Gunner can trust their safety and their hearts to no one but each other.

5 books, incomplete series.


A Lancaster Story

Sometimes the biggest hopes and dreams are found in the smallest places.

Lancaster, New Hampshire doesn’t move as quickly as New York City, nor is it as glamorous as Los Angeles. It’s a small town in northern New England where folks enjoy nature, solitude, and the simple pleasures unique to a tightknit community. Best of all, it’s a place to start over, to call home, to find friendship and love and acceptance amongst the autumn foliage, winter wonderland, and greenery of spring and summer. Join the men who are new to Lancaster, and follow their low angst journeys toward Happily Ever Afters.

ongoing, incomplete series.


The Silver Screen

Private investigator Rory Byrne and television star Marion Roosevelt make an unlikely couple, but they come together like a pair of magnets and are unable to deny their chemistry. But when both men work in New York City, in opposite but equally ruthless careers, a relationship might not be possible.

When a series of crimes set against the backdrop of film and television requires Rory to go undercover, he quickly becomes a part of Marion’s world. And investigating theft, missing persons, even murder, is nothing when compared to the threat of ruining Marion’s career and any hope of a romance between them.

4 books, incomplete series.


Memento Mori

The lost and forgotten dead of New York City haunt Cold Case detective Everett Larkin. But after a partnership—first reluctant, now requested—with the Forensic Artists Unit’s Ira Doyle, closing some of the most hopeless murder cases in the stacks is finally possible. Larkin and Doyle work well together, and for someone like Larkin, who is a little different, that professional relationship is treasured. It’s no surprise that their crime-solving friendship evolves into something more off the clock.

When a series of anonymous clues and letters referencing his cases begins taunting Larkin, it’ll take all of his smarts and Doyle’s skills to expose Larkin’s self-appointed nemesis, lest they become memories to be mourned, themselves.

5 books, incomplete series.

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