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Subway Slayings
Memento Mori: Book Two


Emporium Press
Date: October 28, 2022
Series: Memento Mori

Cover art: Reese Dante
Genre: Police procedural mystery, romance

Detective Everett Larkin of New York City’s Cold Case Squad has been on medical leave since catching the serial killer responsible for what the media has dubbed the “Death Mask Murders.” But Larkin hasn’t forgotten that another memento—another death—is waiting to be found.

Summer brings the grisly discovery of human remains in the subway system, but the clues point to one of Larkin’s already-open cases, so he resumes active duty. And when a postmortem photograph, akin to those taken during the Victorian Era, is located at the scene, Larkin requests aid from the most qualified man he knows: Detective Ira Doyle of the Forensic Artists Unit.

An unsolved case that suffered from tunnel vision, as well as the deconstruction of death portraits, leads Larkin and Doyle down a rabbit hole more complex than the tunnels beneath Manhattan. And if this investigation isn’t enough, both are struggling with how to address the growing intimacy between them. Because sometimes, love is more grave than murder.

"Subway Slayings is every bit as good as—if not even better than—its predecessor. If you like the sound of the combination of brilliant, tautly-plotted mystery and delicious slow-burn romance, this is the series for you." - All About Romance

"Highly recommended and I’m sure will be on my best of the year list." - Love Bytes Reviews

"C.S. Poe’s attention to detail is phenomenal." - Paranormal Romance Guild

"It’s an excellent read and a great murder mystery, with two very unique protagonists, and outstanding, tear-jerker of a story." - Queeromance Ink

"To say I love this book seems so .... trite. Subway Slayings gives us a complex mystery created in amazing detail and depth..." - Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews

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