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The Doctor
Magic & Steam: Book Three


Emporium Press
May 26, 2022
Magic & Steam
Cover art: Reese Dante
Genre: Steampunk, historical, romance

1882—Gillian Hamilton, magic caster and Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Magic and Steam, has been stripped of his title, badge, and freedom. Gillian’s true name and powers have been exposed, so now he’s kept under lock and key. To make a tragedy worse, Gunner the Deadly has returned to his life out in the Wild West and has not been heard from since.

Rumors of a doctor, known only as Sawbones, with access to illegal magic have persisted into the new year. Gillian believes that violence, chaos, and certain death will befall New York City if this criminal isn’t apprehended. And despite having lost his sense of purpose, Gillian knows he’s the only one capable of confronting this new madman—with or without the backing of the FBMS.

But such dangers should never be undertaken alone. Gillian will need both Gunner’s deadeye marksmanship, as well as his love, if he’s to detain Sawbones before irreparable damage is done to the magic of his world.

"The plot unfolds magnificently, the pacing is perfect, the writing evocative, and the emotional highs and lows will deliver happy sighs and punches to the gut. The Magic & Steam series is one of the best ongoing series around, and with The Doctor, it gets even better." - All About Romance

"This sinister plot is deftly woven and deliciously teased out to keep readers on the hook from one chapter to the next, never sure whom to trust or what perils will challenge these men next." - The Novel Approach

"5 stars and I am again anxiously awaiting the next book in the series!" - Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews

"The "Magic & Steam" series by C.S. Poe is the best steampunk series I've read, and it just keeps getting more exciting." - Queer Sci-Fi

"This book was a crazy ride and I felt like I couldn’t read it fast enough. I just wanted to zoom ahead to make sure that Gillian/Simon was going to survive all this." - Love Bytes Reviews

"I've never loved steampunk as much as I do with this series. Gunner and Gillian are complex, unpredictable antihero characters." - Rainbow Book Reviews

"This was an action-packed, fast-paced, enthralling addition to the series. If you love steampunk romances, you definitely need to give the Magic & Steam series and allow Ms. Poe to transport you to an adventure-filled world through her words. Very recommendable!" - Bayou Book Junkie

"Of course, the true heart of this series is Gillian and Gunner’s relationship and I so adore the two of them together. The are firmly in love and committed to one another at this point and both are willing to risk all to protect the other." Joyfully Jay Reviews

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