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The Mystery of the Moving Image
Snow & Winter: Book Three


Emporium Press
February 15, 2020
Series: Snow & Winter

Cover art: Reese Dante
Genre: Amateur sleuth mystery, romance

It’s summer in New York City, and antique shop owner Sebastian Snow is taking the next big step in his relationship with homicide detective, Calvin Winter: they’re moving in together. What should have been a wonderful week of playing house and celebrating Calvin’s birthday comes to an abrupt end when a mysterious package arrives at the Emporium. Inside is a Thomas Edison Kinetoscope, a movie viewer from the nineteenth century, invented by the grandfather of modern cinema, W. K. L. Dickson. And along with it, footage of a murder that took place over a hundred years ago.


Sebastian resists the urge to start sleuthing, even if the culprit is long dead and there’s no apparent danger. But break-ins at the Emporium, a robbery, and dead bodies aren’t as easy to ignore, and Sebastian soon realizes that the century-old murder will lead him to a modern-day killer.


Even with Sebastian’s vast knowledge of Victorian America and his unrelenting perseverance in the face of danger, this may be the one mystery he won’t survive.

"I love the plot of this book– C.S. Poe manages to provide readers a sweeping background of arcane historical happenings and writes with such clarity and assurance (insert fangirl gushing here.)" - Gay Book Reviews

"This series is seriously addicting!" - The Romance Reviews

"They [Sebastian and Calvin] balance each other out in so many ways. 5 stars!" - Padme's Library

"It was organized, smoothly written, never choppy, and had a nice flow. There was excitement, humor, and charm thrown in with the action and dead folks." - Joyfully Jay Reviews

"It was just so damn good." - Love Bytes Reviews

"Sleuthing is the name of the game, and Mr. Sebastian Snow is the reigning champion." - OptimuMM Reviews

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