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Lights. Camera. Murder.
The Silver Screen: Case One


Emporium Press
May 21, 2020
Series: The Silver Screen

Cover art: Reese Dante
Genre: P.I. mystery, romance

Private investigator Rory Byrne has gained a reputation as someone the elite of New York City can trust to solve their problems quickly and quietly. So when a hotshot television producer hires him to recover a stolen script, Rory will have to go undercover on the set of a historical drama to complete the job. He has his hands full trying to investigate a skeptical crew while they work around the clock on The Bowery, a new show that promises to shake up the television industry. To make a delicate situation more complicated, the production is led by out-and-proud actor Marion Roosevelt, and Rory is downright smitten.


But every member of the cast and crew is a suspect in the theft. And the deeper Rory delves into their on-set personalities, the more suspicious Marion’s behavior becomes. If Rory is to uncover the theft without sacrificing the fate of The Bowery, he will have to trust his identity and his heart to Marion.


Previously featured in the Footsteps in the Dark anthology.

"The premise was original, the mystery was great, and I loved Rory and Marion together. Poe’s signature style and humor made it a fast, entertaining read, and an excellent addition to the group!" - The Novel Approach Reviews

"In this, her first P.I. effort, she nails the attitude and keeps the dialogue crisp and the patter snappy." - The Thrilling Detective

"When you coupled this romance with a pretty solid mystery, you have a winning combination and a very entertaining story." - Joyfully Jay Reviews

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