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Translations: Snow & Winter and A Lancaster Story

My backlist of titles translated into French has undergone some housekeeping, and I am happy to announce the following pre-orders and upcoming releases:

Snow & Winter is being re-translated and released with Mnemosyne Lit. Pre-orders are now open, just visit any of the titles below and click on the available buy links tab:

10 nov.: Le Mystère du corbeau (The Mystery of Nevermore)

24 nov: Le Mystère des curiosités (The Mystery of the Curiosities)

8 déc: Le Mystère du kinétoscope (The Mystery of the Moving Image)

22 déc: Le Mystère des ossements (The Mystery of the Bones)

19 janv '23: Le Mystère des esprits (The Mystery of the Spirits)

23 fév '23: Interlude (Interlude)

A Lancaster Story will be releasing before the end of the year with MxM Bookmark:

Jour de chance (Kneading You & Joy)

Jour de Neige (Color of You)

MxM Bookmark will also begin releasing the translations of Magic & Steam during the first quarter of 2023!


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