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Buy Direct from the Author

I have opened a new online storefront at Payhip, which has partnered with Bookfunnel. If this is new to you, allow me to explain: Payhip offers authors the ability to sell our ebooks direct to you, the reader, without acting as a vendor. Because they are not a vendor, they don't take a cut of our royalties, (which can range anywhere from 35% to 70%!) And when you're a full-time indie author, this is pretty cool. Instead, the author is only charged the minimum in transaction/account fees. And good news, Payhip takes care of EU/VAT so all international customers are welcome!

I've been able to discount majority of my backlist for readers, without losing any income, a deal I hope you will take advantage of! When you purchase through Payhip, it's safe, secure, and they accept all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. You will receive an epub file from Payhip, but as a backup, in case you're not technology-savvy, Bookfunnel will automatically send a second email with a download link and they will step-by-step help you download the book to your e-reader of choice.

Thank you for your support!


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