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The Mystery of the Moving Image LIVE

Book Three in the Snow & Winter series, The Mystery of the Moving Image, is now for sale at DSP Publications and across all third party vendors. Sebastian and Calvin are back in New York City with more murder and mystery, this time reminiscent of W. K. L. Dickson and the Edison Kinetoscope.

"I love the plot of this book-- C.S. Poe manages to provide readers a sweeping background of arcane historical happenings and writes with such clarity and assurance (insert fangirl gushing here.)" - Gay Book Reviews "Sebastian and Calvin are two of the most memorable characters I've ever come across. They're smart, funny, charming, and sexy. They've got a fiery chemistry that enhances the well-written and plotted mysteries...." - Joyfully Jay Reviews "Sleuthing is the name of the game, and Mr. Sebastian Snow is the reigning champion." - OptimuMM Reviews

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