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October 16, 2018
ISBN: 978-1-64080-887-4

Cover art: Reece Notley
Genre: Urban fantasy, paranormal

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Devil Take Me Anthology

Asuka Kawashima is a man without dreams. Nightmares plague humanity and cross into the waking world—chasing after their dreamers and transforming them into hideous monsters that haunt New York City at night. When Asuka is faced with the choice between dying or selling his soul to the Devil, he offers it in exchange for the chance to continue protecting people. But the Devil is sly, and while he takes Asuka’s ability to dream, making him immune to nightmares, it also removed Asuka’s abstract sense of dreaming. Now life is gray, hopeless, and without wishes.

A chance meeting five years later leads Asuka to Merrick Grace, a man who, despite the dismal world around them, still believes there will be a day when monsters cease to exist. When the Devil reappears, asking for a favor in return for his soul, Asuka must make another difficult decision....

If the chance to dream again—to share a life with Merrick, full of hope and happiness—is worth the risk of almost certain death.

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Praise for 11:59!

"I feel like I keep saying this, and I’m not even sorry a little, but this is another story where the world building is aces." - Boy Meets Boy Reviews

"I loved the inclusion of the Greek sleep/dream gods in this story.  It was done seamlessly and gave it a unique stamp." - Paranormal Romance Guild

"Poe keeps it really tight and pulls together a well-defined story in a small number of pages." - Joyfully Jay Reviews

"It's about the journey and the destination rather than the genesis.... The world building was top-notch." - Boy Meets Boy Reviews

"The incorporation of the Greco-Roman mythological elements and symbolism into the the New York City environment and the characters is excellent." - The Novel Approach Reviews

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2018 Members' Choice Awards Nominee in:


2018 Members' Choice Awards Winner: 2nd Place in Best Anthology

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2018 Best Cover with Joyfully Jay Reviews

2018 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer's Choice Awards 1st Place in Best LGBT Romance/Paranormal anthology

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