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Lights. Camera. Murder.

The Silver Screen: Case One


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Emporium Press
May 21, 2020
The Silver Screen
Cover art: Reese Dante
Genre: P.I. mystery, romance


The love note was scrawled across my grocery list on the refrigerator door. Which was fine. I preferred keeping all my reminders in a central location. Now I knew I needed to pick up milk, sugar, bread, and a new boyfriend.

My cell rang as I splashed some cream into my coffee. I pushed my tortoiseshell glasses up my nose and turned to pick up the phone from the counter behind me.

Caller ID: Nate.


I pressed Accept and put the phone to my ear. “Good morning, sunshine. I got your message.”

“You’re a sonofabitch, Rory!”

“I’ve been called worse things by better people.”

Nate’s audible gasp allowed me enough time to indulge in that first sip of morning coffee. “Only an asshole breaks up over text message,” he accused.

I winced at his shrill tone, pulled the phone away from my ear, set it to speaker, and put it back on the countertop. “I only have one rule, Nate.”

“Screw your rule.”

“And you broke it,” I continued without missing a beat.

“Maybe if you were a contributing member in our relationship, I wouldn’t have had to find someone else to fuck me senseless.”

I stared at the phone and messed my already disheveled hair with one hand. “I told you when we started dating just how much I worked.”


“And if you need it day and night, I’m probably not the most suitable candidate in the dating pool.”

Nate let out a frustrated growl and then shouted loud enough to cause mic distortion, “Can you pretend like you give a damn right now?”

“It’s not worth my energy. You swore to never lie, and I caught you in one.” I took another sip of coffee while he sputtered and hissed. “Oh. I’d like my extra key back.” I gave the note on the fridge a second glance.

“Burn in hell, Rory.”

“Have a good life, Nate.”

“Hey, while we’re at it—I fucked your coworker too!” he screamed.

“Yeah, I know. Bye-bye.” I hit End, promptly deleted Nate’s contact information from my phone, and walked out of the kitchen.



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