Ebooks and audiobooks at a discount

What does Buy Direct mean?

C.S. Poe has 2 storefronts where she has the ability to sell Ebooks and audiobooks direct to the customer, without a traditional vendor or retailer hosting the product.

How does this benefit the author?

Because Payhip and Authors Direct storefronts don't take a cut of royalties, (sometimes upward of 60% with a traditional vendor!) and only the minimum fees, authors are able to keep more of their hard-earned income. In return, authors can discount their products for customers who choose to support them through these storefronts, and still maintain healthy royalties.

How does this benefit the reader/listener?

Permanent sales! The prices at C.S. Poe's Ebook and audiobook storefronts will help customers save around $1 to $5 per product!

Are these storefronts safe for customer payment data?


Payhip (Ebook storefront) utilizes PayPal for payments and you can read their Terms of Use and Privacy if you have any questions. There are no country limitations that C.S. Poe is aware of.

Authors Direct (audio storefront) utilizes Google/Apple pay, accepts all major credit cards, and is run by Findaway Voices. You can read their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy if you have any questions. Currently available in the United States, Canada, and Australia, with more countries coming.

How do I read/listen? Do I need special apps?

Payhip (Ebooks)

  • Purchase will automatically supply you with a download option for an ePub file of the book.

  • For mobi files: you will receive a secondary, automated email from Bookfunnel after purchase, with easy-to-follow directions on downloading the mobi version and uploading it to your smart device of choice!

Authors Direct (audio)

  • Download the Authors Direct app from the Google Play or iOS store. This app is completely free.

  • Make your purchase, log into your new app, and start listening!

That's it?

That's it. You support a full-time indie author's career and save money in the process.

Visit Payhip for Ebook sales and Authors Direct for audio sales today!