Release: Devil Take Me

Devil Take Me, an LGBTQ urban fantasy and paranormal anthology featuring: Jordan L. Hawk, Ginn Hale, TA Moore, Rhys Ford, Jordan Castillo Price, and myself is now available! My contribution to the project is a gritty, urban fantasy novella with a nice dose Classical Greek mythology added to the mix. It's entitled, 11:59. Visit DSP Publications here or go to 11:59's book page for more third party vendors, reviews, and an excerpt. If you'd like to learn more about the inspiration used in the novella, visit Joyfully Jay Reviews for my blog tour post highlighting elements of Greek mythology and storytelling!

Updates on The Murder Collection

I've added Pt. 6 and Pt. 7 to my free and ongoing, Choose Your Own Adventure read: The Murder Collection. Pt. 8 is still the most current chapter at Love Bytes Reviews, and will be receiving an update this month. There's still time to add your Reader's Choice to the comments!

Exclusive Flash-Fiction

I was interviewed recently by Kimmer's Erotic Book Banter. That can be read here. I also supplied the blog with a piece of exclusive flash-fiction entitled Sandman, which you can currently read here. (This will be available on my website later in the year.)

Recognition for Moving Image

The Mystery of the Moving Image has been recognized as a September Recommended Read with Gay Book Reviews, a September Favorite with Joyfully Jay Reviews, and Book of the Week with Love Bytes Reviews. It is currently up for Book of the Month at Love Bytes, and readers can vote here.

Snow & Winter codas

Snow & Winter codas has been updated here. I've included the short story written for The Mystery of the Moving Image blog tour entitled, The Hunt, as well as character interviews with Pop & Max as well as Neil Millett.

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