Color of You

Alan's Journal Coda


Athene_of_Windsfell: December 1, 18:35

So today started off real fun. When I woke up we had no water. I found Dad in the basement thawing the pipes with a hair dryer. It dropped below negative thirty last night and they ended up frozen solid. He said the contractors hadn’t properly insulated them. That and this winter has been stupid cold. Great combo.


I had to take the bus to school and Dad spent the entire day fixing shit in the basement.

On the plus side, I heard Mr. Kelly teacher-gossiping in the halls, and it sounds like we may actually be getting a new band teacher next week. I’m really excited, considering I signed up for band because I wanted to be in… band. Not a second study hall. What a concept, right?

I’m gonna go see if Dad needs any help with dinner.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 2, 11:02

I hit level 20 with my dark elf in Dragon Chaos! I got on the leaderboard for the first time and held my rank for over an hour, which is pretty cool. Our server is packed, so that was a lot of competition.


Anyway, Athene was awarded a white tiger steed, so now I can travel between towns at twice the speed. Just in time too. I was looking at some online guides this morning, and it looks like the amount of open terrain between Cloudous and River Wrong would be like three literal days of travel.


I’m totally not awake enough to do raids on the next dungeon, but Dad needs my help in the morning at the orchard, so might as well get my playing in now.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 2, 22:12

Dad’s so into that new Amateur Chef show. He’s making me addicted to it. I hope Bianca wins. She’s not the best cook, that’s probably Kim. But Bianca has awesome tats.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 3, 13:54

I got out of going to the food fair today (since I’ve helped at Dad’s booth for like the past six years) on the grounds that I clean the house before he gets home. I think I got the better end of the bargain. The house is already clean.


I’ll sweep the stairs and do a load of laundry. Oh, and blast Imagine Dragons at full volume!




Athene_of_Windsfell: December 3, 19:20

Dad came home from the food fair in a weird mood. I asked him if something happened, but of course he said no. He’s a really shitty liar, but what can I do?


I offered to make dinner, but he wanted to. And he’s been puttering around in the kitchen for over an hour now. I dunno. I’ll clean up afterward, maybe that’ll make him feel better.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 4, 16:25

So I met the new band director at school today. His name is Mr. Merlin. He’s kind of… awesome? I mean, nerdy, but awesome.


He’s from New York City, and he used to be in an orchestra! And he plays at least a dozen instruments, including the violin!


Also, he pulled me aside after class and asked why I wasn’t first chair. I think he’s going to be shifting seats around. I don’t want to get my hopes up, because first chair is reserved for seniors, but… I don’t know… I guess I did a good job today.


I did think he was a visiting student or something at first. He’s pretty young. But that’s cool.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 4, 20:02

Oh my God we’re still at the fucking orchard. I love my dad, but sometimes he loses track of time and now it’s late and I want to go home. He went to Eatery to pick up our takeout, then we leave.


So. Hungry.


And yes, I know I’m in a gift shop surrounded by food. But it’s all apple flavor and the saying is an apple a day keeps the doctor away, not a dozen apples a day. I can only handle so much apple.


Daaaaaaaaaaad… hurry up.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 5, 12:23

Quick update from my phone during lunch.


For fucking real. Mr. Merlin is promoting me to first chair. And he’s giving us better holiday music, and he even asked why I wasn’t in his music composition class. Like… what? What universe did I accidently fall into in order to impress a musician like him?


He brought his cello to school today and I heard him playing. He’s so fucking good.


And I impress him?


What the fuck!





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 5, 17:45







On a date.











Athene_of_Windsfell: December 5, 22:03

Not sure how that date went for Dad. He was back in three hours. Not that I’ve gone out on dates before, but shouldn’t they last longer? I’m in my room, with the light on, but all he did was knock and say he was home. I thought he’d like… come in and tell me about it.


I get not giving details to your 7 or 8 year old but I’m 15 now. A little head’s up would be nice.





Athene_of_Windsfell: December 6, 07:45

Another update from my phone before first period. So… Mr. Merlin? He’s fucking awesome. I don’t want to say what he’s doing for me yet, in case I jinx myself, but I’ll know by Friday if everything works out.




Athene_of_Windsfell: December 7, 20:01

I ate my bodyweight in tacos tonight. Sometimes I make decisions I later regret, but this was not one of them.